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International Trade and Artificial Intelligence: Is Trade Policy Ready for Chat GPT?

Pascal Krummenacher | International Institute for Sustainable Development | 04/14/2023

Artificial intelligence poses challenges to varying degrees in the world of trade policy. Pascal Krummenacher, trade policy professional and former project officer at the World Trade Organization, points to where…

The Critical Minerals Club

Christina Lu | Foreign Policy | 04/14/2023

The United States and allies aim to sidestep reliance on China for the materials needed for ...

Lessons EU Policymakers Should Have Learned from the IRA

John Magnus | TradeWins LLC | 04/12/2023

Energy transition incentives in the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act...

New Foreign Trade Policy A Tightrope Walk Between Export Targets And WTO Commitments

Ambarish Sathianathan & Divyashree Suri | BQ Prime | 04/10/2023

In response t...

China’s Overseas Ports Acquisition Program

Genevieve Donnellon-May | Australian Institute of International Affairs | 04/06/2023

China is a powerhouse in glo...

What Friendshoring Means for Global Supply Chains

James Gordon | Raconteur | 03/30/2023

The Biden administration’s latest geopolitical strategy is to prioritise t...

Inclusive GVCs for Resilient Global Trade and Investment

Confederation of Indian Industry | 03/28/2023

Global Value Chains (GVCs) have played a crucial role in se...


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