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Unilateral Policies Threaten the Global Trade Order

Bernard Hoekman, Petros C. Mavroidis, & Douglas Nelson | East Asia Forum | 10/01/2023

Global trade and investment flows are increasingly affected by unilateral policies, ranging from export controls to industrial subsidies. Such policies are implemented by major trade powers, often motivated by non-economic…

State of the Union: From Putin’s War to a Trade War?

Zach Meyers, Camino Mortera-Martinez & Sander Tordoir | Centre for European Reform | 09/26/2023

If she ...

MC13 Success Critical to the Liberal Trading Order

Ken Heydon | East Asia Forum | 09/26/2023

The World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold its 13th WTO Ministerial...

America Needs To Be Smarter About Its Economic Leverage

Neena Shenai | RealClearPolicy | 09/05/2023

The Biden administration’s recent Executive Order to restrict ...

EU, US Green Steel Showdown: How to Decarbonise Trade

János Allenbach-Ammann | EURACTIV | 08/28/2023

As the EU and the US hurry to agree on a way to collaborate ...


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