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The Covid-19 Vaccine Production Club: Will Value Chains Temper Nationalism?

Simon J. Evenett | Bernard Hoekman | Nadia Rocha | Michele Ruta | The World Bank Group | 03/01/2021

1. Introduction* That vaccines for COVID-19 were developed so quickly during 2020 was a welcome source of hope in an otherwise bleak year. The approval of several vaccines at the…

Covid-19 Demand Shock and Preparedness Response

Meredith Broadbent | CSIS | 12/21/2020

As the U.S. economy restarts and retools after the forced shutdown induced ...

COVID-19 and Domestic PPE Production and Distribution: Issues and Policy Options

Michael H. Cecire | Agata Bodie | Frank Gottron | Victoria R. Green | L. Elaine Halchin | G. James Herrera | Erica A. Lee | Heidi M. Peters | Andres B. Schwarzenberg | Kavya Sekar | Michael D. Sutherland | Karen M. Sutter | Congressional Research Report | 12/07/2020

Global Trade Update

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | 10/21/2020

How are some of the world’s major economies faring? Official statistics for s...


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