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Trading Promises for Results: What Global Integration Can Do for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mauricio Mesquita Moreira and Ernesto Stein | Inter-American Development Bank | 09/01/2019

Thirty years after the region embarked on large-scale liberalization, trade policy could have been expected to become all but irrelevant. Instead, a mismatch between expectations and what could realistically be…

Report on open global economy to be launched before G20 summit

Dennis Pamlin et. al. | China Watch (a project of China Daily/State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs) | 06/20/2019

Progressive International Policy Priorities

CEPR Report | 06/14/2019

  Progressive International Policy Priorities 1.  More democratic and accountable intern...

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement: Labor Rights and Environmental Protection

David A. Gantz | Baker Institute | 06/13/2019

The evolution of labor and environmental...

Navigating the Belt and Road Initiative

Daniel R. Russel, Blake Berger | Asia Society Policy Institute | 06/11/2019

Launched in 2013, China’s Belt and Road Initia...


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