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Intelligent Unilateralism: An Integral Part of the Response to Growing Geopolitical Rivalry

Simon J. Evenett | Global Trade Alert | 04/22/2024

Governments are considering their best response to the return of overt geopolitical rivalry and, in some cases, lethal conflicts. While some talk of forming formal or informal blocs of like-minded…

Recycling Critical Minerals is an Underappreciated National Security Tool

Adina Renee Adler | The Hill | 05/19/2022

The United States is facing a critical mineral...

The Missing Chips: How to Protect the Semiconductor Supply Chain

Chad P. Bown | Foreign Affairs Magazine | 07/06/2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for s...

The G7: A New Dawn or More of the Same?

Jamie Shea | Friends of Europe | 06/17/2021

Summits take place all the time and normally deal with immediate crises or ar...

Russia Engine Troubles: Is Putin’s Behavior Catching Up with Him?

Chandler Sachs, John Parachini | The RAND Corporation | 06/15/2021

Actions taken to curb ...

Biden Administration Revokes TikTok and WeChat Executive Orders, Revises Framework on Security Threats from Foreign Apps

Dave Stetson, Ed Krauland, Brian Egan, Wendy Wysong, Nicholas Turner & Meredith Rathbone | Steptoe International Compliance | 06/10/2021


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