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So Macron Won. Now What Should the EU Do?

Bill Krist and Brian Fedorow | 05/08/2017

You can hear the big sigh of relief from Brussels over Emmanuel Macron’s May 7 victory.  Now that the French Presidential elections are over, European Union (EU) leaders may be…

Trade Policy Implications of Global Value Chains

OECD | 04/25/2017

International trade increasingly involves global value chains (GVCs) where services, raw materi...

A Post-Brexit Trade Regime for the UK

Kimberly Ann Elliott | 04/12/2017

The Brexit process is now officially under way. Over the next two years, the United Kingdo...

Confessions of a Free-Trade Lobbyist

Bill Lane | 02/23/2017

Business leaders politely clap as the president puts exports at risk. Yet they know ‘Fortress America’...

Are Global Supply Chains Still the Future of Trade?

Kimberly Ann Elliott | 02/17/2017

After the initial rapid recovery from the Great Recession, global trade grow...


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