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What Forced Labor in Xinjiang Means for Supply Chain Due Diligence

Andrew Samet | The Diplomat | 10/03/2020

For the last quarter-century, companies with international supply chains have relied upon audits to validate labor and human rights, and environmental standards. Audits of factories, mines, and agricultural and fishing…

Multilateralism Will Survive the Great Fracture

Ngaire Woods | Project Syndicate | 09/29/2020

OXFORD – At the recent opening of the United Nations General Assembl...

‘Decoupling’ the U.S. from China would Backfire

David Ignatius | The Washington Post | 09/08/2020

When John F. Kennedy ran for president in 1960, he claimed t...

How COVID-19 affects U.S.-China trade deal

Jianli Yang | Washington Times | 08/07/2020

With meetings planned for Aug. 15 to evaluate Beijing’s compliance with the...

Demystifying the Belt and Road Initiative

Rafiq Dossani | RAND Corporation | 07/06/2020

Until 1999, China was the largest borrower from the International Develop...


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