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Getting the China challenge right

David Dollar | Ryan Hass | Brookings | 01/25/2021

SUMMARY     The Trump administration had an incoherent and inconsistent policy toward China that failed to deliver on its promises. An alternative response to the China challenge would require…

12 trade tasks to prioritize in 2021

Sean Doherty & Kimberley Botwright | The European Sting with the World Economic Forum | 01/22/2021

The new director-general ...

China’s economy probably shrank in 2020

Derek Scissors | AEI | 01/18/2021

The Chinese Communist Party appreciates American media praise. Yes, China halted COVID...

Data Governance and Trade: The Asia-Pacific Leads the Way

Roberth Holleyman | The National Bureau of Asian Research | 01/09/2021

Data is integral to modern domest...

How COVID-19 accelerated the shift towards TradeTech

Alex Capri and Wolfgang Lehmacher | World Economic Forum | 01/05/2021

Visibility and data-sharing are critic...

The pandemic’s phantom trade collapse

WEIFENG ZHONG | ORF | 12/30/2020

If you were shocked by the global trade collapse at the onset of COVID-19, you would be p...


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