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The End of the WTO and the Last Case?

Henry Gao and Weihuan Zhou | East Asia Forum | 07/10/2019

On 14 June 2019 the WTO issued a communication announcing that the panel proceedings in case DS516 (European Union — Measures Related to Price Comparison Methodologies) initiated by China against the European Union had…

No island is an ‘island’ in the age of GVCs

Tommaso Aquilante, Marco Garofalo and Enrico Longoni | Bank Underground | 06/27/2019

Over the past few decades pro...

President Trump fighting to fix a broken trade system at the G-20

Corey R. Lewandowski | The Hill | 06/26/2019

EXCERPT:  For American corporations, President Trum...

We can do right by the planet and the economy

Orit Frenkel | The Hill | 06/17/2019

Most of the Democrats now running for president are embracing policies to addre...

What is Wrong with the WTO?

David A. Wemer | The Atlantic Council | 06/14/2019

Coming up on the anniversary of the July 2018 “trade truce” between European Commi...


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