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Global Report on Food Crisis – Main Figures & Key Findings

Beth Bechdol, Deputy Director General, UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) | 05/07/2020

This presentation was given as part of the WITA Webinar on COVID-19, Trade, and Food Security hosted on May 7th, 2020. Full webinar may be found here: 

Significance of Access to Sub-central Procurement under GPA

Jean Heilman Grier | Perspectives on Trade | 05/06/2020

The possibility that President Trump could ord...

The Next Age of Transformation in the Multilateral Trading System

Mark Linscott | New Atlanticist | 05/06/2020

Multilateralism is on the ropes on several fronts—w...

Update on food security amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Terence P. Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade | 05/06/2020

On May 1, I reviewed the challenges being faced in th...

U.S.-Kenya FTA and the rights to land and Food

Karen Hansen-Kuhn|Catherine Gatundu|Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy|ActionAid International|Products|Foreign Trade Barriers | 05/05/2020

U.S.-United Kingdom Trade Negotiations: Private Sector Priorities

U.S Chamber of Commerce|COVID-19|Trade Policies|UK| Global Trade Rules|Market|Negotiations | 05/05/2020


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