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Trump is copying the failed trade policies of both Mexico and India

Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber | American Council for Capital Formation | 02/21/2019

Vintage clothing and furniture have great appeal and value for consumers, but when it comes to international trade, retro policies can be a horrible look for today’s complicated global economy….

Can Auto Tariffs Pry Open Foreign Markets?

Phil Levy | Forbes | 02/20/2019

The Commerce Department’s much-anticipated report on the national security threat posed...

Trump’s Trade Policy Revives Interest In The Non-Delegation Doctrine

Madeline Osburn | The Federalist | 02/15/2019

In the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, Congress del...

The EU Needs a Brexit Endgame

JEAN PISANI-FERRY | Project Syndicate | 02/14/2019

After 31 months of the United Kingdom and the European Union arguing over Brexit,...

The impact of Brexit uncertainty on UK exports

Meredith A. Crowley, Oliver Exton, and Lu Han | VoxEU | 01/21/2019

Uncertainty over the future of the world trading...

The Ideal Free Trade Agreement

Dan Mitchell | International Liberty | 01/16/2019

I’m for free trade because I want more jobs and more prosperity for the United S...


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