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There Is Little Dignity in Trump’s Trade Policy

Chad P. Bown | Foreign Affairs | 07/09/2020

In “How to Make Trade Work for Workers” (July/August 2020), Robert Lighthizer, trade representative to the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, sets about explaining the president’s policies, including his tariffs…

Is it time for women leaders in international organizations?

Maria V. Sokolova | Alisa DiCaprio | Nicole Bivens Collinson | Trade Experettes | 07/09/2020

The foll...

If we want to boost the economy, create certainty about trade policy

Robert Krol | The Dallas Morning News | 07/06/2020

We pay a high price for the low politics t...

Where the US-China Trade War Should Go From Here

Mayaz Alam | The Diplomat | 07/06/2020

With the fallout from the coronavirus further straining U.S.-China relatio...

Canadian Parts Makers Await Enactment of USMCA

Keith Nuthall | Wards Auto | 06/19/2020

The head of Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Assn. predicts parts m...


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