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In the Coronavirus Fight, U.S. Biomedical Innovation Offers Hope

Stephen Ezell | Information Technology & Innovation Foundation | 03/30/2020

Faced with a rapidly spreading pandemic, the world desperately needs both near-term treatments and a longer-term solution, such as a vaccine. In all likelihood, they will come first from the…

Buy American – Coronavirus Edition

Douglas Holtz-Eakin | American Action Forum | 03/19/2020

The idea of “Buy American” is hardly new; it has the same perpetual,...

Trump’s trade policy is hampering the US fight against COVID-19

Chad P. Bown | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 03/13/2020

An alarming unint...

What the Coronavirus Means for China’s Foreign Policy

Paul Haenle | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | 03/11/2020


Trump’s phase one deal relies on China’s state-owned enterprises

Chad P. Bown and Mary E. Lovely | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 03/03/2020

What Would a U.S.-Kenya Trade Deal Mean?

Claire Felter | Council on Foreign Relations | 02/21/2020

The Trump administration hopes that a free trade agreement with...


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