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First the trade war, then the pandemic. Now Chinese manufacturers are turning inward

Karen Hao | MIT Technology Review | 06/03/2020

Ask Zhu Kaiyu about his factory, and he can rattle off a series of statistics meant to impress: 15,000 square meters, 800 employees, 300 machines, 5 million articles of clothing…

The United States No Longer Considers Hong Kong Autonomous from China, Setting the Stage for Rule Changes that Could Disrupt Trade and Economic Relations

Christopher R. Wall, Stephan E. Becker, Aaron R. Hutman, Benjamin J. Cote, Sahar J. Hafeez and Roya Motazedi | Global Trade and Sanctions Law | 05/29/2020

Josh Hawley’s New Smoot‐​Hawley

Halie Craig, Clark Packard, Daniel J. Ikenson, Simon Lester, Bryan Riley, & Brandon Arnold | Cato Institute | 05/19/2020


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