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Affirming American Leadership: A Call to Action

CSIS Trade Commission | Center for Strategic and International Studies | 09/16/2020

The United States is the preeminent, but no longer dominant, global economic actor. It is challenged by countries with economic systems antithetical to transparent, market-based outcomes. It is seen in…

Congress Should Retire, Not Reform, the Generalized System of Preferences

Marc L. Busch | The Hill | 09/15/2020

The United States’ Generalized System of Preferenc...

Will the U.S. Stance on Chinese Telecom Equipment Change?

Jerker Hellström | Economic Center for International Political Economy | 09/10/2020

With two months lef...

‘Decoupling’ the U.S. from China would Backfire

David Ignatius | The Washington Post | 09/08/2020

When John F. Kennedy ran for president in 1960, he claimed t...


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