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Can the WTO Reform and Remain Relevant?

Wendy Cutler | The Hill | 05/21/2020

Roberto Azevedo’s recent announcement that he plans to step aside as director general of the World Trade Organization (WTO) one year earlier than planned comes at a bad time for…

The pandemic adds momentum to the deglobalization trend

Douglas Irwin | The Peterson Institute for International Economics | 05/20/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is d...

Five Points about U.S. Trade Over the Last Thirty Years

Brad W. Setser | Council on Foreign Relations | 05/19/2020

1. Globalization hasn’t meant increased demand ...

Josh Hawley’s New Smoot‐​Hawley

Halie Craig, Clark Packard, Daniel J. Ikenson, Simon Lester, Bryan Riley, & Brandon Arnold | Cato Institute | 05/19/2020

How Greater Trade Freedom Advances Women’s Economic Empowerment

Anthony B. Kim | The Heritage Foundation | 05/19/2020

A new study by the United Nations Conferen...


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