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US and EU look for a deal on subsidies, while eyeing China

Stephen Olson | Hinrich Foundation | 03/23/2021

The US and EU have agreed to temporarily suspend roughly US$11.5 billion in tariffs they’ve applied on each other as part of the longstanding Boeing-Airbus subsidies dispute. They hope to…

China’s “Soft” War Against America

Lee Edwards, Ph.D. | The Heritage Foundation | 02/22/2021

KEY TAKEAWAYS China is determined to again become the Middle K...

How American Free Trade Can Outdo China

Henry M. Paulson Jr. | WSJ | 02/22/2021

President Biden’s announcement that America is back—ready to engage in the diplom...

What President Biden Can Learn From President Reagan

Bryan Riley | Inside Sources | 02/08/2021

One of the decisions facing the Biden administration is whether to ...

Trump’s Trade Failure Can Be Biden’s Win On China And WTO

Christine McDaniel | Forbes | 02/01/2021

By former President Trump’s own metric, his trade war with ...

How Trump’s Tariffs Really Affected the U.S. Job Market

Michael Pettis | Carnegie Endowment | 01/28/2021

A recent study on U.S.-China trade concludes that Trum...


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