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Asian Supply Chains, Reshoring, and the TPP

Guy Erb and Scott Sommers|Berkeley Research Group | 05/26/2020

In reaction to the dependency of many US companies on suppliers in China, on April 29, 2020, the Trump Administration announced the creation of an “Economic Prosperity Network” (EPN), a…

Global Supply Chains and the Pandemic

Guy Erb and Scott Sommers | Berkeley Research Group | 04/27/2020

Global supply chains have become a “driving force” for glob...

Dinosaur Extinction and the Coronavirus

Alan Wm. Wolff, Deputy Director General | World Trade Organization | 04/01/2020

This virtual talk produced for the members...

The G-20 must wake up to the COVID-19 crisis

Edwin M. Truman | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 03/24/2020

As nations across the globe scramble to...


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